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West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer – The Law Offices of Steven C. Sessa

If you have been charged with a crime, then you need help immediately. The legal team at the Law Offices of Steven C. Sessa in West Palm Beach, Florida, provides premium criminal defense services to those charged with driving under the influence/driving while intoxicated (DUI/DWI), drug trafficking, and other criminal offenses. Focused on protecting and preserving your Constitutional rights and offering individualized attention, Steve C. Sessa, P.A., is ready to fight for you.

Quality, Dedication, Professionalism

Led by Steve Sessa, P.A., the Law Offices of Steven C. Sessa are noted for providing quality defense services to individuals charged with misdemeanors or felonies. Offering a high level of dedication to protecting your rights, preparing your case, and perpetuating a positive outcome, they are consistently focused on benefiting and improving your position as they battle charges against you.

Adhering to the highest professional standards, Attorney Sessa strongly believes that every client deserves the finest possible defense. His legal team will work tirelessly towards facilitating the best outcome that can be realized for someone in your specific situation.

Practice Areas

Our criminal defense services for both state and federal cases include the following practice areas:

Plus, we are versatile enough to ably provide services related to any area of criminal litigation.

We Are Here for You

For two decades, Attorney Sessa has been defending those charged in criminal complaints. With a deep belief in the Constitution and the precept that every person is considered to be innocent until proven guilty, he has successfully defended his clients against false, weak, or misdirected accusations.

Throughout the entire legal process, he will treat you with the respect, professionalism, and personalized attention that you deserve. In developing your defense strategy, Steve C. Sessa, P.A., and his associates will examine each and every aspect of your case, analyze all evidence, and utilize the services of professionals and experts as needed.

He will work to:

  • Dismiss charges
  • Reduce charges
  • Negotiate a plea bargain
  • Ensure a fair trial
  • Garner every advantage possible
  • Win desired outcomes

Of course, there are no guarantees on the outcome of each case. However, Attorney Sessa will always offer you the best insights and legal advice regarding your case.

More Information

If you are facing legal issues related to misdemeanors or felonies, charges associated with state or federal crimes, or accusations connected to violent or non-violent acts, contact The Law Offices of Steven C. Sessa now. We are ready to defend you every step of the way.

If you have concerns or questions regarding criminal law or have been charged with a crime, contact West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Steven C. Sessa today by calling (561) 659-0499. Whatever your situation may be in relationship to criminal charges, Steven C. Sessa, P.A., and his team are ready to fight for you aggressively and passionately.